Reducing your carbon footprint

We provide the correct way to reducing your carbon footprint.

AIRA work with aviation organisations to manage the upheaval, logistics, legal burden and costs associated with recycling aircraft interiors and all its materials responsibly with our sustainable solutions and circular economy

We have the knowledge, expertise and capabilities necessary to recycle all of your various cabin components and materials from end of life aircraft or from your manufacturing process.

AIRA have conducted several case studies and have successfully processed and recycled interior materials from a wide range of aviation businesses including manufacturers, airlines, MRO`s, OEM`s and aircraft interior repair stations.

AIRA have a unique recycling process for all interior materials, with a guarantee that the materials are correctly identified, separated and recycled in a responsible way, ensuring our aviation clientele is managed in terms of compliance with their procedures and regulatory duties.

At AIRA, we ensure that our clients receive fully traceable & auditable documentation and certification.

Our procedures give written evidence of safe, secure, green and clean recycling and that your aviation business remains compliant with regulatory & corporate responsibilities, not least duty of care.

Above all, we provide the correct way to reducing your carbon footprint and increasing your green credentials.