AIRA is pleased to announce our participation in the Red Cabin Working Group with Sekisui Kydex to establish some new initiatives for the hygiene of aircraft interiors.

AIRA is committed to the application of science and test methodologies in order to re-establish passenger confidence and make flying safer for everyone.

This will be achieved by ecological and effective sanitation, accurate testing of cleanliness and mining big data to measure, test and identify specific challenges. Thus allowing designers to efficiently construct better interiors that are more resilient and resistant to cross infection.

Sanitise and Test, Every Flight



Helping Airlines Renew Passenger Confidence

Sanitise and Test, Every Flight

AIRA is a total aircraft interior support company, with a One Stop Shop Solution, which combines experience, quality and a global network to meet the demands of our customers.

Commercial airlines play a direct role in the way diseases spread around the globe.

Besides providing sanitation wipes, and additional cleaning, airlines should be monitoring the effectiveness of the cleaning processes, plus auditing crew members and 3rd party services.

The need for simple, quick and minimum cost testing of aircraft cabin sanitation has arrived...

AIRA Aircraft Cabin Hygiene Systems allows the airlines to be assured that correct and complete processes are being followed and yielding the correct results.

First and foremost, sanitising the aircraft interior to protect passenger and crew health is a responsible action.

Airlines have never had a way to routinely disinfect and test sanitisation of their aircraft interior and are not bound by regulations or standards for hygiene onboard, but we at AIRA together with our partners are here to change that, and help airlines renew passenger confidence as quickly as possible.

A recent scientific survey of 1,156 passengers explored aircraft sanitisation opinions.

80% of passengers believed they became sick from germs on an aircraft.

93% of passengers would choose a sanitized over non-sanitised aircraft/flight.

81% of passengers are willing to spend $2 or more for a sanitised seat.

96% of passengers feel airlines should be required to sanitise aircraft daily.

AIRA Aircraft Cabin Hygiene Systems have developed a full sanitation system for airlines to create a safe cabin environment for their passengers and crew using the latest available technology.

The AIRA Aircraft Cabin Hygiene System is easy to work with, portable, rugged and affordable.

Through our partners, AIRA provide a range of non-toxic, environmentally sourced, and biodegradable cleaning products that protect your cabin environment from a range of bacterial and viral threat and achieve outstanding results every time. Together with our system that at the press of a button will allow you to observe consistent sanitation safety test results day in day out on every flight and collect data that can be used as a marketing tool for your airline to use via a story board on your IFE safety video and the APP for your passengers.

Through our knowledge of aircraft interiors and the various materials within the cabin, we will be providing you with the best in sanitising and hygiene management systems. We will help you with your cleaning protocols to reduce aircraft turnround, downtime and cost, while raising the standards of passenger environment and journey experience.

It’s ideal for quickly identifying if organic material exists on seat armrests, tray tables, belt buckles, Overhead bin latches, window blinds, IFE, Screens, PSU`s Galleys and Toilets and any other key touch-points within the cabin.

AIRA Aircraft Cabin Hygiene Systems is a great way to reclaim public confidence regarding health concerns and air travel. It is a valuable tool for airline personnel to validate a clean, safe environment on aircraft for all staff and passengers.

Sanitise and Test, Every Flight

October 2020

AIRA will be recycling parts of aircraft interiors, some of which will be used to heat their own warehouse...

AIRA plan to move into new premises in 3rd qtr of 2020