The complete recycling of aircraft interiors :

Floor and Ceiling panels

Sidewall Panels 

Overhead stowage bins

Passenger and cabin attendant seats

Plastic light lenses


Stowage Units, Galley & Lavatory Modules:


Passenger service units (including oxy box) 



Our expertise, industry knowledge and hands on capabilities enable us to provide a comprehensive core service within our recycling processes to salvage and assess possible value of aircraft interior components for re-sell and re-use through AIPS (Aircraft Interiors Parts Specialists)  This boosts the guaranteed return on investment and associated traceability for our clients.

AIRA is currently researching the recycling of carbon fibre on skinned panels and expects to expand further the recycling options in mid 2018.

AIRA`s proven expertise and experience enables us to offer invaluable consultancy on new and innovative ways to divert aircraft interiors away from landfill.