AIRA Aircraft Recycling Processes  

AIRA is a European leader in the recycling of aircraft interiors. We work closely with our recycling partners to achieve 100% zero waste to landfill.

The way that we recycle guarantees quality and our continued performance is founded on individual partnerships with operators and airlines.

AIRA`s proven expertise and experience enables us to offer invaluable consultancy on new and innovative ways to divert aircraft interiors away from landfill.

AIRA process your end of life interior components from Airlines, MRO`s, aircraft interior repair and overhaul centres and aircraft recycling companies.

Upon arrival at our recycling zones , all components are broken down, separated and segregated into various material feedstock and recycled in an energy efficient and responsible way. Each item has a unique code for auditing purposes. Our clients receive an audit log coupled with AIRA certificates for the Recycling & Up-Cycling of Core Materials together with WEEE Certificates, (Avionics & Electric equipment) and Environmental Certificates. This ensures that our partners and clients receive full traceability, audibility, documentation and all certification that is required to deliver both security and compliance in line with corporate and social responsibilities and duty of care obligations.

Processed Nomex

IFE material segregation

Untreated seat plastics before recycling

Seat covers separated for collection