AIRA are constantly pushing the boundaries of  recycling aircraft interior materials, that were always thought by many as being impossible to recycle

We currently work with aerospace plastics companies such as Sabic, Boltaron and Kydex to successfully achieve an end product through the recycling of waste sheet plastics, reject parts and off cuts from aircraft interior manufactures.

Nomex was one of  our greatest challenges.  Nomex is a composite material that is used for Galley`s, Lav`s, Side wall panels, floor panels and ceiling panels. And much more. Together with our recycling partners, we have found a solution for the recycling of this material, which not only stops nomex going to landfill sites, it also has a far greater value to the environment, as this is now being used as an alternative to fossil fuel in the cement industry and heating plants. Every 15 tonnes of Nomex that AIRA recycle saves 10 tonnes of fossil fuel for the companies that use this material as fuel.

The benefits of this are:
Reduced greenhouse gas emissions (GHG)
Preservation of natural resources
Zero Waste to Landfill

Our next steps will be to find a solution for the recycling of carbon fibre. More aircraft manufactures are using carbon fibre as an alternative to metals such as aluminium. Our recent research has been promising, and we hope to have results to further testing of carbon fibre in the near future.