Helping Airlines Renew Passenger Confidence

First full sanitation system developed especially for aircraft interiors. Designed by aircraft interior specialists to provide the essential results that airlines need to achieve in order to create a safe cabin environment for their passengers and crew.

The interior changes with every flight

If you don`t test it, you don`t know it`s safe

A complete sanitisation and operational kit comprising :

Ecological and effective sanitation

Accurate testing of cleanliness

Cleanliness data collection to pinpoint specific challenges

Cabin attendant application

Sanitise and Test, Every Flight

Restore passenger and crew confidence for your Airline

Turnkey solutions for infection prevention

Water based, Non-Flammable, non-toxic, environmentally sourced and biodegradable,kills 99.9% of all bacteria

High Coverage with the latest fogging nozzle technology to reach intricate areas

Quick and easy sanitisation for Airline Interiors

Hygiene Management System with consistent safety test results day in day out on every flight performed by your cabin crew.

Monitor and trace your individual aircraft sanitation data via the APP

Sanitation Pass/Fail results within seconds

Sustainability & Zero Waste