AIRA (Aircraft Interior Recycling Association) provides you with an alternative solution to landfill for all your end of life aircraft interior components together with our partners. 

Based on our 4 year research, we have found that Airlines, MRO companies, aircraft recycling companies and aircraft interior repair/refurbish stations are not certain what options are available when it comes to recycling their aircraft interiors. 

We offer these options to enable your company to be green and clean

By being an associated member of AIRA, your company is recognized as an environmentally responsible corporation and will receive all certification from our recycling company members for traceability. Only recycling companies that are members of AIRA are used and have been carefully chosen by AIRA and CIWM (Charted Institute of Waste Management) and use our BMP guide 

AIRA advise aviation organisations, airlines and operators the correct way to manage and lessen the costs burdens associated with recycling aircraft interiors responsibly.

Our expertise, industry knowledge and hands on capabilities enable us to provide a comprehensive core service within our recycling processes to salvage and assess possible value of aircraft interior components for re sell and re use through AIPS (Aircraft Interiors Parts Specialists) This guarantees a return of investment and traceability for our clients

AIRA has the experience in the recycling and reuse of a full range of products within the aircraft interior market and we are constantly adding to our portfolio.

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